Brooke Edwards

Writing is the first dream I can remember having that has stood the test of time. It took fifteen years from the first time I put pencil to paper with the intent of creating an actual story for me to gather the courage to press send on a submission email with an original story attached. Those fifteen years were littered with the debris of hundreds upon hundreds of unfinished stories, original and fanfiction alike, and a handful that I liked enough to put online and mark as completed.

The incredible support and kindness of so many people in so many of the fandoms I've dabbled in over the years is the only reason I was ever brave enough to even think about writing for publication. In those fifteen years I'd never felt anything like the simultaneous thrill and anxiety of creating and submitting Mens Rea for inclusion in Dreamspinner Press's 2015 Daily Dose Anthology.

Being my first submission to any publisher, I was beyond blessed to have it accepted and published in June 2015 with all of the other incredible stories that made up the anthology. It took me much longer to settle on and finish a second piece than I would have like, but in March of 2016 Dreamspinner accepted When Fate Falls Short with a release date of August 3rd 2016.

It has been an absolute whirlwind and I'm still trying to find my feet but I can't wait to see what comes next. The eight year old in me who picked up the first three Harry Potter books and was instantly hooked on the thought of telling stories for the rest of my life is much more satisfied with this side of my life than the boring job that pays the bills!

You can connect with me on Facebook or Twitter through the links at the top of the page, via email at and keep up to date with my latest projects via my tumblr.

- Brooke